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Limited Company Formations

Speedy, reliable and cost-effective service

Generally, our new company orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, allowing us to provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of your new Limited Company quickly.

Within two to three working days we can have all the paperwork prepared, including printed Memorandum and Articles, Share Registers etc.

Sometimes businesses just want to secure a particular name for a limited company and keep it ‘on the shelf’ for a while. This is no problem and we actually offer a reduced price service for this facility.

Selecting a Limited Company Name

We enjoy helping clients to pick their new company names. Obviously, the name should be pronounceable, easy to spell, and memorable.

It’s also useful if your company’s name can say exactly ‘what you do’.

Sometimes there are clashes with existing company names and we can advise about alternative identities, by discussing this with before applying, saving you time.

Some words such as ‘The’ ‘Company’ & ‘and’ are ignored in choosing names. For example, if there is already a company on the Register called ‘The Coat Company Ltd’ you will not be allowed to form one called ‘Coat’ or ‘The Coat’ or ‘Coat Company’.

There are also rules about certain ‘sensitive words’ and perhaps we can explain alternatives. For example, you can’t be called ‘National’ unless you are actually a national trading company – but don’t worry – you can be Nationwide.

If there is already a company with your chosen name, we could try adding a word – or two, such as ‘North West’, ‘(NW)’ or ‘Services’.

We form several new companies every week so we know most of the rules inside out.

Initial Paperwork

    • Once a company is formed we can deal with initial paperwork, including the appointment of directors and the allocation of shares.
    • Prepare minutes of initial directors meetings held.
    • Give advice in respect of shares issued to you and other shareholders.
    • Write up the company’s share register.
    • Provide you with the Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the company Memorandum of Association (required by your bank manager).
    • Register the company and file all the necessary documents at Companies House using their online filing system which gives increased flexibility, should any changes be needed at short notice.
    • Advice regarding changes in directors and shareholders, documenting these promptly and accurately notifying Companies House, where required.

Once your Limited Company is active, we also offer the following services

Annual Return and Confirmation Statement

During the year we will file your company’s Annual Return and Confirmation Statement, which provides the public record with a snapshot of the company directors and shareholders.

Abridged Accounts for Companies House

We automatically prepare an abridged set of accounts, showing just the minimum amount of legally required information, in line with the accounting standard FRS 102.  Many accountants don’t bother preparing abridged accounts for their clients and we are often surprised to find copies of fully detailed accounts on the public record, available for everybody to see!

Dormant Accounts

If your Company doesn’t start trading immediately we can prepare and file dormant company accounts on your behalf to satisfy the filing requirement.

Registered Office

Many of our clients find it more convenient to make the Company’s Registered Office at our Ashton under Lyne accountancy practice. This allows us to receive your official reminders and documentation, so we can keep an eye on things for you. Again, this is a Free service for the first year and after that we charge just £35 per year.  It means your letterhead needs to include a note of the Registered Office, in addition to your usual correspondence address.  Alternatively, if you have an office, place of work or home with a private and reliable postal address, you can choose to have the Registered Office located there.

Similarly, Directors are now required to provide a personal service address which is on the public record at Companies House.  Rather than use your home address for this, we recommend you use our Ashton under Lyne practice as your service address.  This will again redirect any official reminders, documentation and spam to us, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business.  It also helps reduce the possibility of identity theft.

The correct address is Suite 204 Ashton Old Baths, Stamford Street West, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 7FW

Any Questions?  Please contact Dean Logan or Gina Epps today!

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