Free Initial Consultation

Totally free, no obligation consultation

We are happy to meet you in or out of business hours, at your place of work, your home or at one of our two offices in Ashton under Lyne or Blackpool.

Just let us know what suits you and your schedule.

Our initial meeting allows us to introduce ourselves and to answer your questions.

You will be very pleased that we do not speak “accountants jargon”, just plain English.

If you already have an accountant that’s fine, the meeting is totally confidential. If you do decide to proceed with us we will handle the changeover for you.

Following the initial meeting, we will provide you with a clear fee quotation together with a detailed report outlining our various recommendations.

If you decide not to proceed that’s fine, and you are more than welcome to use any advice offered.

You are also very welcome to continue to access our website and to receive our free monthly newsletter.

For potential new clients, the first step is usually a telephone with Dean Logan or Gina Epps.  We advise clients across the UK so for many new clients an extended phone consultation followed up by email advice is often sufficient to ‘set the ball rolling’.

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