Auditing Annual Accounts

The preparation of annual accounts and the performance of a statutory audit (for larger limited companies and members clubs etc) are often regarded as intrusions into the affairs of the business.

At Hanley & Co Accountants the aim is to provide a service which is both constructive and helpful rather than just a historic ‘ticking and form filling’ exercise.

All accounts prepared are fully explained to clients verbally and are accompanied by a full written report to the client, provided to record our comments on the figures and their meaning.

In addition, upon completion of the statutory accounts audit, we always write a detailed letter of recommendation to our clients concerning possible improvements to their accounting and record-keeping systems and comments on any possible weaknesses in their internal control systems.

Again, the emphasis is on pro-active and constructive help, coupled with the need to complete the audit in an efficient and responsible manner.

In our experience, completion of the annual accounts and statutory audit promptly after the year-end saves time and hassle and allows us to show our clients that an audit can be a useful exercise rather than an intrusion!

Services for Members Clubs

For over 25 years we have acted for various ‘members clubs’ and Friendly, Mutual and Co-operative Societies, completing annual accounts and the statutory audits if required.

More importantly, though, we build a relationship with Members of the Clubs and their Committees to provide a ‘backup service, a sounding board and a source of independent opinion’ that is available, throughout the year.

When presenting the accounts to the Annual General Meeting of the Members we aim to fully and clearly explain the accounts figures as well as keeping the Members and Committee appraised of our opinion of the current finances of their organisation including making comparisons with similar clubs.

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